Why invest with The Property Crowd?

It wasn’t until he was in his 40s that The Property Crowd founder Jim Janse bought his first house. He was living overseas at the time and moved around a lot.

It was an offer from his father to help with a deposit that saw Jim facing the opportunity to finally put down roots.

When he returned to New Zealand, Jim realised that for the first time in his life, he had financial security. The house he’d bought while overseas had gone up in value and provided him with both a home and the end of his transient lifestyle.

Why housing is important

Jim’s experience with his first property opened his eyes to the importance of both financial security and stability. He realised that by putting down roots, he was better able to establish and maintain friendships. He also felt a stronger connection to the local community and a greater sense of belonging.

Suddenly, Jim realised why property ownership is the Kiwi dream. It had completely changed the way he lived.

The Property Crowd is born

Buoyed by this experience, Jim started looking at ways he could help other people get on the property ladder. He investigated the major roadblocks people faced and looked at approaches being taken by other countries around the world.

Jim decided that New Zealand was ready for a property crowdfunding platform. It would be a way for Kiwis to invest in a piece of New Zealand property without the challenges of big deposits, leveraging equity or fluctuating interest rates.

Kiwi investors could come together and buy a piece of the New Zealand dream with as little as $100. Together, their contributions could fund a house without the need for a mortgage. And no mortgage would mean returns in the form of monthly dividends for every investor, paid out as a percentage of what they invested.

What makes The Property Crowd unique?

Jim realised that The Property Crowd was about equal opportunity. It levelled the playing field for anyone wanting to buy a portion of a house.

The Property Crowd approach means that people can buy just a portion of a house. Shared ownership means that both the risks and rewards are shared among investors and make buying property possible for everyone.

What the Property Crowd provides

When you invest in The Property Crowd and you buy a portion of  property, you’ll then get a share of the rental income, paid out as a monthly dividend.

You’ll also be able to share in the capital gains if the house increases in value. This is made possible when you come to sell your share of the house on our resale market (currently pending approval from the FMA).

What is the future of The Property Crowd houses?

One of the most positive things about The Property Crowd properties is that they provide long term tenancies for those renting them. The plan is to hold onto the properties long term with investors buying in and out of the property on our resale market.

This longevity provides security for both tenants and investors without the need to sell the property.

Tenants can also buy a share in the very property they live in, giving them a greater sense of control and ownership over the house.

Why would I choose The Property Crowd as an investment platform?

As an investor, you receive monthly returns and a share in the capital gains but it’s also an easy investment. It’s hands free and we use carefully-vetted external property management companies to look after and maintain each property.

You’ll also be able to diversify very easily by investing in a variety of different properties and every property is cashflow positive.

Ready to join the revolution?

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