Investment & social responsibility… An oxymoron?

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Most people can list a number of benefits of investing (even if they don’t do it themselves), like greater financial security, a regular passive income and a more comfortable retirement.

But should the benefits of investing only focus on what it can do for the investor? We don’t think so.

Here at The Property Crowd, we believe investing is for everyone. That’s why we make it easy for anyone with as little as $100 to invest in PropertyShares and build their investment portfolio, plan for their retirement or get onto the property ladder.

But how we use your PropertyShares is what sets us apart from other investment crowds; we’re committed to greater rights for the people who live in our properties as well as financial freedom for the people who invest in them.

The properties we purchase are carefully selected according to strict criteria, like build quality, building compliance and the health of a home. If we wouldn’t live in it, we won’t buy it – it’s as simple as that.

We partner with leading property management companies to maintain our properties too. Tenants can build strong relationships with their property managers and trust that any problems or repairs will be fixed in good time; no more dealing with dodgy landlords.

The Property Crowd also offers opportunities for long-term tenancies which gives tenants the chance to settle down in their communities. The more a family feels like they belong to a community (and they’re not at risk of having to move again), the more effort they’ll make to contribute to that community and make it better for everyone.

Done well, investing can transform the futures of Kiwi families – both for investors and for tenants. Diversify your investment portfolio so your eggs aren’t all in one basket. Do your research so you can be sure your money is improving lives as well as giving you returns – because happy and healthy communities equal a happy and healthy New Zealand.

Find out how The Property Crowd evens the playing field for all Kiwis here.

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