Nine reasons why PropertyShares are perfect for first-time investors

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We’ve all heard that investing is a good idea for long-term financial gain and security. But getting into investing can be tricky if you don’t have someone to point you in the right direction.

The Property Crowd makes investing easy for both first-time investors and those who’ve been doing it for years. If you’re a first-timer, what makes The Property Crowd perfect for you?

  1. Anyone can do it. As long as you’ve got at least $100 to invest in PropertyShares*, anyone can get involved. There’s no pre-vetting and no minimum number of PropertyShares; all you need is the desire to become financially secure (oh, and $100) and you’re set to go.
  2. You don’t need much upfront capital. While other investment strategies might demand substantial buy-in from new investors, we make investing accessible for the wealthy and the not-so alike. $100 is all you need to start making serious decisions about your future.
  3. You do good too. The Property Crowd doesn’t just focus on making money; we also provide tenants with high-quality, comfortable, secure housing with the possibility of longer-term tenancies. We’re committed to helping create safe and happy communities of people who have great relationships with their landlords.
  4. You don’t go into it blind. This is especially important for first-timers who don’t know much about investing. We clearly outline our processes and fees so you’re always in the know; you can even choose the property you want to buy PropertyShares in.
  5. You’ll earn monthly dividends. Every month you’ll receive income based on the number of PropertyShares you have and how much the rent for each property is. You can either transfer this income into your personal bank account or reinvest it into more PropertyShares.
  6. You can diversify your investments. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; spread your investment across a range of property types to spread the risk.
  7. It’s easy to sell your PropertyShares. When it’s time to turn your PropertyShares  into real cash, you’ll be able to sell your PropertyShares on the Resale Market in the future and withdraw your funds, including any potential capital growth.
  8. It’s all managed for you. The Property Crowd is spear-headed by expert financial directors, advisers and experts who really know their stuff. Your money is in safe hands.
  9. You get your own dashboard. Transparency is key, so every investor has access to their own personalised dashboard that outlines exactly how their PropertyShares are performing.

The Property Crowd understands that investing can be daunting for first-time players. Ready to take the first step in your future financial security but looking for a strategy that isn’t scary? Find out more about The Property Crowd here.

*Shares in a company that owns an investment property

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