Seven ways to spend $100 wisely

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Everyone loves discovering they have more cash than they thought they had. So what should you do if you happen upon an unexpected $100?

Don’t blow the lot on smashed avocado on toast, that’s for sure. Here are a few ideas on how to spend that handy hundy wisely.

    1. Buy a house. Or more accurately, buy part of a house. The Property Crowd is a crowdfunded property investment platform that lets everyday Kiwis buy PropertyShares* for as little as $100. It’s simple: you deposit what money you can into a property investment pool. The Property Crowd uses that funding to purchase a property. Anyone who owns PropertyShares in that property will earn monthly returns based on how much they invested. You can buy more PropertyShares whenever you like, and when it’s time to exit the market you’ll be able to sell them on The Property Crowd’s future reselling platform. See our properties here. 
    2. Start a business. Whether you want to build a website or buy a tree’s worth of lemons to turn into lemonade, start-ups usually need a bit of first-time funding. If you’ve got a business idea that you believe in, don’t wait for someone to wave their magic wand; use your $100 to kickstart it.
    3. Take your significant other out for dinner. Just like investment portfolios need nurturing, so too do important relationships.
    4. Donate it. Charities and not-for-profits do some incredible work in our communities – but they can’t do it for free. From international agencies like World Vision or WWF through to local organisations like Hospice or food banks, everyone is grateful for a cash injection from a generous benefactor like you.
    5. Invest in a budgeting course. If you’re not great with money, learning how to spend, save, give and invest is one of the best decisions anyone can make for their future. Learn how to pay off debt, save for your future, save for fun and stay within your means.
    6. Go to the hygienist*. (*Or do something that you keep putting off because you never have spare cash.)
    7. Go on holiday. Sure, $100 isn’t likely to get you to Bali, but keeping an eye out for uber-cheap flights on grabaseat or calling in a favour and housesitting a mate’s place while they’re away could give you the affordable, well-deserved break you need.

It’s easy to think that $100 won’t make much of a difference, but every cent counts – especially in investment. To find out more about how PropertyShares could kickstart your own property investment portfolio. 

*Shares in a company that owns an investment property

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