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Feeling like you really belong to your community might be attending your kids’ school fair, chatting to the friendly dairy owner about your grandchildren, or saying ‘hi’ to people on a morning stroll and knowing everyone’s names. A sense of community is a sense of ‘home’.

For many Kiwis, though, this feeling of belonging isn’t familiar. They might be work-heavy and time-poor. They might face language barriers. Or they might be tenants who have moved house four times this year alone and therefore haven’t the chance to settle down.

Many tenants feel like they’re being taken advantage of. Some get kicked out of their homes with no warning and for no reason. Others have to cope with cold, damp conditions that make their families sick. Others endure regular rent increases that add financial pressure on their families.

The current political climate is shifting towards greater tenancy rights. The government recently announced a limit on rent increases, plus a greater emphasis on warmer, drier and healthier homes.

The Property Crowd is doing our bit to contribute to greater communities too. On one hand, we offer an easy, attainable way for everyday Kiwis to get into the property market. On the other, we offer tenants who live in the homes we invest in the opportunity to settle down and better-connect with their communities while living in healthy conditions.

How? Firstly, the properties that we invest in must pass our strict selection criteria which revolve around build quality, compliance and health. All of our homes are well-maintained by professional property management companies, which means there’s no risk of dealing with unscrupulous landlords who refuse to manage maintenance issues.

Most importantly, once The Property Crowd buys a property, we will not sell it, which means these homes become potential long-term lets for tenants. Longer-term tenancy agreements mean that renters have the opportunity to plant roots in their neighbourhood – and happier neighbours add up to healthier, better-connected communities.

Find out more about how The Property Crowd works here.

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